Wednesday, March 21, 2018


We are not in favor of war but if Twit May wants it with Russia, I agree that we should step aside and hold her cloak. Let Putin shut off the gas pipelines and let England know what it really means to be green. When we use the quote that the lights are going out in Europe we didn't really mean that they had made themselves 100% vulnerable to some lousy Russian udelnye krestiane, we knew that they had slammed the door on the Enlightenment and slammed it with a vengeance.

We're a little over 250 years since the English did anything right. Given the deep pit they're in now, they should pause to reflect and then gut their government root and branch.

Read just a little history of Russia. One really doesn't know a society until one learns about it. England is just recreating the Tsar's Russia.

I miss the old England.

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