Wednesday, March 14, 2018


A sort of stream of conscious day.

I read a number of people who were appealing for President Trump to stand with the pipsqueak May in response to the killing on British soil of some 'well regarded' Russian oligarchs and their patrons by what some claim to be Russian agents. I just wondered to myself as I saw some people demand Trump align himself with May and denounce Putin, how many of our rogue intel agents does President Trump actually command or control? It seems to me that most of our intel agencies and agents work for the Clintons and the DNC and certainly not for the one they call Mr. Orange.

What if Putin had as much control over his rogue intel agents as President Trump has over his?

I don't know the ins and outs of DC the way some do but I strongly suspect that President Trump has an outer perimeter, an inner perimeter and a perimeter made up of men he trusts to protect him and his family. I don't know how they work it with the SS but I'm sure they've reached an accommodation that suits the President. After all, so far it appears that the intel community works for everybody on the planet except Americans and Republicans and President Trump.

I see somehow they just gave Clapper a pass for lying in his testimony to Congress. The man hasn't breathed without lying for over 20 years but I'm surprised that there has been nobody left alive in the wings waiting to finally tear him down and rid us of him after all these years.

Can you imagine being on Bill Clinton's SS detail after all these years? They must have been witness to some truly amazing and bizarre crimes Clinton business deals. I'm not exactly sure how a federal agent can witness a crime and then fail to report it but I'm sure they worked something out for the Clintons decades ago.

After watching the video of Hillary attempting to slalom down the steps in India, I wonder just how long it will be until we wake up to the sad news that she 'fell down the stairs last night and broke her neck in the fall' and no living person saw who pushed her.

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