Thursday, March 1, 2018


Here's how security clearance goes. I myself personally grant you an interim top secret nato cosmic security clearance. Just like that. No national agency check, I just decide. It's good for six months but just on a whim I can extend it another six months. Not kidding. How did you think that worked? Do you know how long a BI takes? Guess how long an SBI takes.

25 years after my time on USS Connole where I got the TS NATO COSMIC, the guy doing my SBI told me he had retired with my package on his desk and a year later came back on the job as a contractor and there was my SBI still on his desk.

I'm like other people. I lived in 45,000 places. Good luck doing that background investigation.


OldAFSarge said...

Then you marry a foreign national, an ally but nonetheless foreign. Eventually she gets her citizenship.

"Mom was born in Korea."

"North or South?"

"The Republic."

"Which one is that?"

So the person doing the checks has to be of reasonable intelligence. Not a rocket scientist but preferably went to high school back in the 1950s. Or earlier.

Some people's kids...

tsquared said...

I was a crypto technician - I had to have a completed TS/SCI before I could enter my specific tech school after electronics school. This delayed my going to basic 2 months so they would have time to track down the background I had given them. They had about 7 months start to finish. I got my clearance 2 weeks before I was supposed to start crypto tech.

HMS Defiant said...

I was CMS custodian 3 times. And literally, my last day at SPAWAR as a uniformed member, the guy from OPM came and told me that just before he retired, my PR was on his desk and a year later when he came back as a contractor, there it was. And yea, as a CO and also as a Security Manager, 5520 interim were just like that.

You would not believe the contempt I have for security clearances. John Walker was how I got a TS.