Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I was just perusing instapundit and the article featuring Winston Smith caught my eye. It had to do with the new mania of removing man from the military in every instance including job titles.

I read the headline provided by Ed Driscoll and had a flashback to the 21st Century's Great Garbler and Dissembler. He came up with the word all by himself using his own native intelligence and fluency and the really sharp crease in his pants. It's gender neutral in every single sense of the word and covers every single sex anybody, even a liberal progressive angst ridden LGBT sandwich, could dream up.

This time it will work. It will really really work. It can't go wrong. Nobody could argue that replacing the word 'man' in all those jobs with that ending with the word 'corpse' wouldn't solve the non-problem of finding a new name to cover the confusion and hysteria stalking the corridors of power and the E ring at the Pentagon too.

Yeoman becomes Yeocorpse
Legalman becomes Legalcorpse
Engineman becomes Enginecorpse

How delightfully sinister.


OldAFSarge said...

The eroding of civilization continues, unchecked and (apparently) unlamented.

HMS Defiant said...

Today, I found myself wondering, is there someplace I could move where it would be like Fort Sill in 1966 and the answer, of course, is nobody wants to live there now.

Every now and then I reread SNOWCRASH by Neal Stephenson. He had a pretty good idea and ran with it.