Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I heard another blast from the right about the lack of qualifications@Trump. I have to laugh. These are the same guys that blew through the only obvious qualification to finally ooze support for Ted Cruz after saying he wasn't a natural born citizen of the United States. That's about it for qualifications these days and even the left tossed that out for John McCain.

To hear anyone bleat about qualifications in the same sentence as an endorsement for Hillary or Bernie is just weird. They have no more qualifications than Obama ever had, or, in my opinion, still has. None at all. He thought there are 57 states in The United States of America and she surrounded herself with principal deputies who hate America almost as much as she does. I mean seriously, what were Mill's qualifications? The other one, she's what we in the trade referred to as a terrorist sympathizer.

How do you take the vast resources of the State Department and use it to insult the Russian premier and foreign minister the very first time you meet them? Well, I don't know either, ask Hillary. She did it right off the bat with her State Department Dream Team who are still there plugging away at our diplomacy.

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