Friday, May 27, 2016


Always there is a clamor for socialized medicine in America. 'Give us the National Health Service', they cry. If you want to see what 'nationalized health service looks like in the Appalachia of Britain, look no further than England.

Look no further in the mouth than the teeth and ask if that's what you want for modern dentistry in the 21st century. Consider, that this is what you get when you get 'free' medical and dental.

Oh, and listen to the guy sing. I never watched the show when it was broadcast (had life), but to see the clips of the talents they dug up out of the peat and presented.....yeah, that was England.


OldAFSarge said...

Gee, they never mention that in the ads, do they.

Captain Steve said...

Just got back from a vacation in Canada (Niagara Falls) herein one of the locals fixed me with the usual stare and announced that in Canada everybody gets free healthcare and that even the poor can get the service. My retort was that it's not free when it's paid for by taxes and in the US the poor get the service too--it's called "Welfare". The conversation languished thereafter.