Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I kind of enjoy, in a sad way, these articles where progressives and liberals move into my territory and discover just how unpalatable unpalatable is. They had no idea because they enjoyed employer health insurance and didn't know what the public did when they offed the rest of us and forced us to apply for new healthcare plans after canceling ours. Neither did the clinics or doctors care. They care now.

I was once in that market for a time. I remember going to the doctor and spending about 40 times as long with the mediclerk verifying my insurance than I spent with the actual physician. That's not an exaggeration as anybody will tell you. I was once in the chair with the dentist's digits probing a tooth when the insurance fairy came in and demanded to know if I was vested since she and Anthem couldn't settle on a specific day 8 months earlier.

I would visit a given hospital for a procedure my doctor recommended and spend 2 hours with the insurance/billing technician before being allowed to approach the throne. I would cheerfully give them the full details, they would consult with the company over the phone, with their colleagues on either side and with their boss before allowing me to proceed to the procedure.

Some of them later called me and said that my insurance company refused to pay. I got to tell them how sorry I was about that. They suggested I pay them now. My response was always the same. It never changed or varied. "You did your due diligence to the nth degree. Now you follow up and make sure the insurance company coughs it up."

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