Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I don't think we have any choice. We have to support that .01% of guys who are troubled by their sexuality. Yep, we have to support them and show that we support them by using the ladies room for as long as it takes until people understand the empowerment of cispower.

Now, normally, I wouldn't propose such a course of action, but I think we have no choice in the matter. We must violate their privilege and 'safe spaces' in the name of civil rights!

You know, I was alive when the law was used to smash the barriers that men had built around certain institutions that didn't allow women. At the time, I never thought that women would acquiesce to having their locker rooms and their facilities share the same fate.

A late Justice of the Supreme Court talked about a 'bright line' in the law. It's interesting to note its demise in the eye of the law in this case. Sacrifice another bright line so that liberals and progressives can feel safe using the restroom of their choice.

I've never actually been in the ladies room but I hear they have couches so I'm willing to forge ahead and erase privilege just like any valid global warming kind of dude would. Do they have popcorn?

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