Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I actually prefer this version of the painting. I am an unreconstructed Romantic which I can live with and the art evokes the Moody Blues which I enjoyed enough to drive all the way to the Meadowlands to attend.

I took the time a minute ago to read what the stupid thugs had to say about the piece. I can appreciate the underlying point of the piece of art but that doesn't offset the vitriolic and stupid nature of the criticism. Art has no intrinsic value. It's like a stamp collection or a coin collection. It has no value at all beyond the price people set for it as 'coin of the non-existent realm'.

The Goths, Vandals and countless other barbarians had no value for that stuff. If you think that is a dead issue, gone with the Ostrogoths, think of the value the Taliban set on anything. Nothing has intrinsic value except those things that have intrinsic value.

People who imagine that art is a commodity are some of the simplest people I know.

Srsly, in a digital age?

How can you be alive in the 21st century AD and not know that?

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