Tuesday, May 17, 2016


In a remarkable article today, he lied.

I really don't think the MSM understand yet the depths of our disconnect. Read the article and then ask yourself, who is lying?
And then, to add insult to insult, Trump lied about Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio. He told NBC's Chuck Todd that he was surprised that Paul Ryan had withheld his endorsement since the speaker of the House had called and congratulated him after the New York primary. Trump told Fox News's Bret Baier that he had several "really nice conversations" with Rubio and that Rubio had been "very supportive, very good." 
According to Ryan's and Rubio's staffs, these conversations never happened and Trump's account is fictional. Not the usual way one builds party unity.
I tend to use Occam's razor. I believe Trump. Should Rubio or Ryan come out and directly contradict the man, I think I'd still believe Trump. Those guys are politicians and lying comes to them as naturally as breathing. Trump, on the other hand, probably recorded those conversations. He knows politicians lie.

One doesn't make billions by underestimating the enemies of capitalism. There's a lot of people who are guarding their tongues because they spoke truth or even platitudes to Trump when they thought they could do so in obscurity. So, he is kind of a politician in that regard. Omerta.

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