Thursday, May 5, 2016


It has been a day of twisted. Dana Milbank has to eat a column of his and he decided if he's going to eat newsprint, everyone should eat newsprint. It's kind of revolting that he thinks if he is going to honor his word, other's should join him in dining on crow. It takes a narcissist.

London, England, is electing a muslim as lord mayor. It's not really anything new about the kingdom we fought off. As you will recall, it was us alone fighting the Barbary pirates and emirates and freeing the crews and passengers they took as slaves from commercial ships sailing the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. England and Europe preferred to lie prostrate at the feet of the islamic pirates. Only the United States, a tiny country on the far side of the world elected to fight back. Londonistan.

I see the mayor of Cupertino is in full throat crying about the depredations of Apple on his fair city. They paid in $9.2 million dollars, 18% of the city's tax revenue, but the mayor insists that since they have really deep pockets they must pay way more. I'm rather surprised that the council is a roadblock to this spendthrift's demands that Apple pay for everything good as a condition of doing business in his little shitty.

No, I'm not an Apple apologist or supporter. I simply think that smacking your lips and sidling up to a successful company in one's geography and ORDERING them to pay their FAIR SHARE while brandishing a knife is unAmerican and unwise. Chang doesn't get it. He figures if they have money, they should give it to him. Of course, the feds agree with him which is why Apple keeps its billions of dollars offshore rather than bringing them home. If they brought it home, the feds would take 35%. Why? What did the feds do that gives us a right to steal income from a successful company? The, "you got the money, give it to us now!" approach happens to be one that I find most disagreeable.

Speaking of barbarous pirates, the Spanish Guardia used one of its boats to seriously harass a US nuclear submarine docking in Gibraltar. They interfered with its safe transit on a massive scale. I remember the Canadian pilot advising me as I docked a warship in Vancouver very late at night as the Green Peace naval commando was zipping into the way in their zodiacs, "Just run them over son, nobody cares about them. They're scum and they'll float to the surface. Don't worry."

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