Thursday, May 12, 2016


You know, if you think about it, one of the clearest reasons for Iranian nukes was made manifest when the neocons responded to 9/11 by attacking Afghanistan and not Saudi Arabia, which is where most of the killers came from. All of them were turned into mass murderers by wahabbi islam taught by Saudi Arabians and seriously, where did bin laden come from? Saudi Arabia.

After attacking the Talban alone we added Iraq for no particularly good reason and ruined the country for a generation. Then we did the same thing to Egypt and Libya and destroyed any hope of representational government in either place for another generation. Then we did it to Syria

You know the only reason we haven't layed waste to Pakistan must be because they have nukes. How can we be sure I am right about this? Well, Pakistan sheltered bin laden for 10 years after we destroyed Afghanistan hunting for him and not even a neocon thought that gave us any right to invade Pakistan when we knew for certain they were hiding him.

If there was ever a more clearly shown requirement for a nation to arm itself, the neocons made it.

Kind of makes one wonder how many nukes the Germans, Japanese and Koreans have salted away. Kind of like the good old days when most of us figured the South Africans had them lying around. Now of course it's the Saudis beggaring themselves to buy working nukes from impoverished people willing to sell them.

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