Thursday, April 21, 2016


From the fascinating blog of the newest Special Assistant Attorney General of Michigan, news of a suit recently filed.
They filed a complaint in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan in November 2015 and companion complaints in the Michigan Court of Claims and Genesee County Circuit Court. The complaints include both tort and Constitutional claims against the governmental actors as racial minorities are disproportionately affected by the lead poisoning.
He and his pals are going to investigate and prosecute all those stupid people who made the good people of Flint drink radium and plumbum and other icky stuff like that instead of good clean fresh Lake Huron water which, as we think about it, would  still have been a toxic menace to the good people of Flint since all the lead came from the pipes that distribute the water. Oh, and it's Waukesha that is forcing the people for the last 100 years to drink double the good amount of radium with each filthy glass of water consumed.

You know, when SMOD drops in, the media will again tell us that its impact is felt most by racial minorities and women. They just can't get enough of the racism inherent in the speeding meteor of death.

Short of ripping out and replacing ALL the pipes, the peep show being prepared to bag, tag and jail low echelon Aqua people will simply amuse the peasants while doing nothing at all about the underlying pipe problem.

The prosecutions have begun, the trials and hangings will follow and yet, there remains the troubling language of the idiocracy.
...switched its drinking water source from Lake Huron water treated by the Detroit water system to Flint River water treated at the Flint Water Treatment Plant. Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officials have acknowledged a disastrous mistake when they failed to require the city to add corrosion-control chemicals as part of the treatment process. 
The corrosive water caused lead to leach from pipes, joints and fixtures. Although Flint reconnected to Detroit water in October, after state officials acknowledged the lead-poisoning problem after months of denials, the risk remains because of damage to the water infrastructure system. 
Officials also still are exploring possible links between the river water and the Legionnaires' outbreak. 
The state and city are now treating the pipes with higher levels of phosphates in an effort to build up a protective coating that will prevent lead from further leaching. Having more water flowing in the system would help that process, and that's one reason Snyder and other state officials want Flint residents to start using their taps again.
So, you see, it wasn't the water that was dangerous. No! It was the failure to add chemicals to the water that brought about the problem which is 100% caused by the lead pipes that nobody is talking about replacing.

You know, some people went hermatile at the notion of adding fluoride to the water supply. Does anybody ever ask/wonder what chemicals they're putting in the water to keep the lead from showing up? Yea, I went hunting for the wonderful clip from Conspiracy Theory but it was not to be found.

Isn't it wonderful that absolutely NOBODY is suggesting that the best course of action is to replace the dangerous lead pipes that furnish the leaded water to the people?

Oh drat, I just realized that, here in the city of higher elevation, they are replacing the main waterline running all the way up to the water plant that is guarded by Homeland Security, the SS and Bolos. drat. What have I been drinkin aaaarrrrgggghhhh.

Yeah, it doesn't quite get to the aargh scene but it's still a killer rabbit, aint it?

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