Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I was happily reading and analyzing when my train of thought was interrupted by a call from a Yonkers, NY number. I don't know anyone in Yonkers so I let it go to message and then looked up the number because, Yonkers. It turns out to be the number of the March of Dimes and I saw from the interwebs that these guys are a horror that dial up to 3 times per day for weeks on end.

I was online so I went to my phone home and found that it was as I remembered and that I can block up to 5 callers for absolutely nothing. I was happy to paste the number of the March of Dimes into the little block and hit enter. Evidently, they don't take "no" or "go away and stop bothering me" for an answer. The whole thing took 2 minutes.

That's a good website and a noble service.

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