Thursday, April 21, 2016


We, who are not narcissists and who don't look into mirrors all that much, fail to pay attention. An ordinary seeming lady asked me the other day for my hair color and I said brown. I figured it was close enough for government work.

I don't care. It's always been brown and is still brownish and 40 years later it still won't lie down and I don't care.

Some of us plan to age gracefully and others never thought we would grow old.

The Three Captains and a Major


Anne Bonney said...

Yes - and so is mine.

HMS Defiant said...

dreams cometh to us uncalled....often while we're sleeping and dreaming.

To paraphrase Picard, it is red!

OldAFSarge said...

Brownish, I like that.

I claim the same, though truth be told I really need to work at finding a brown strand. On top, it's all windswept and devoid of "foliage" of any color.


(BTW, FWIW, first picture I've seen of you, not taken by my son that is, where you're not in Naval Attire.)

HMS Defiant said...

I called Lex before Dave's Ordination ceremony and asked, "uniforms". He was the one that said yes. I slipped into the seat next to him and said, "nice uniform" at which point he told me about cleaning pet hair off the uniforms of retired people. We both hung up the uniform the same month and I never thought I'd wear it again. That was the last time.

virgil xenophon said...

Time moves on....memories..

HMS Defiant said...

No no. There was that picture of me with my grandfather blessing the wing of the new church in Carlisle. I think I was 5. My mother remembers making the clothing. I'm sure I posted it a few years ago.