Friday, April 15, 2016


The government is not so savvy as all that. They just sheathed our local federal building in armor but you have to wonder if they have upgraded and improved the central air conditioning to eliminate potential bio-hazards. You know the standard Mission Impossible Format where the 'good guys' infiltrate building security and knowingly move to release a chem/bio element into the central air system of the building? Yeah, like that. Zika mosquitos from hell.

Do you think the feds are set up to deal with this kind of attack any better now after the ridiculous flail ex we went through following 9/11 and the anthrax spores? No? Me neither.

You can almost see the heavy hand of the fed though, can't you. They'll lock up and guard the access to the ventilation room and maybe, just maybe, think about the air vent intakes on the roof. Maybe. But they won't even think about the vents and intakes in the parking garage next door to the federal building where all the federal employees park. That's not how federal security thinks.

Remember, these are the ones that institute draconian screening at the main gate and then have their employees lined up single parked for a mile every single morning to get in the gate to go to work which makes them easy prey for any killer with an AK47 (CIA). We used to get this thing in Bahrain where the line to get into ASU was backed up to the main road all through a Shia village.

You get to laugh as you listen to the Base CO at Norfolk talk about what happens whenever he goes to maximum security at his Base. He told us that he had traffic backed up to the North Carolina State border and it's not that much of an exaggeration.  The lines when you do it are huge.

Look at the recent sad events in Belgium. The bombers attacked the people outside security because, they were vulnerable. There was no need for penetration of the security barrier in order to inflict casualties all out of proportion. The people were deliberately piled up outside the palisades and vulnerable to attack. That was what the government mandated. That's what the Red Brigades did at Rome not that long ago.

Rule # 7  Don't tarry at security interfaces. Get there, go through and move on. You don't want to linger on the boundary of life and death. And, it's not like anybody was stupid enough to arm the TSA.

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