Monday, May 4, 2015


There was a shooting of two 'gunmen' who opened fire on a security gunman who was standing around making sure that no islamic terrorists could succeed in attacking a group of people celebrating the best cartoon depiction of infamous pederast Mohammed. This Daily Mail story gives more details.

It has been many hours since these 'gunmen' attacked the art show but there has been no word at all on their identity or intent and yet these kind of scumbags are notorious for bringing along their manifesto and maybe even a video tape explaining their need to kill unbelievers. I find it odd that the press and security services have clamped down on the identity of the wannabe killers.

I note also that the Agency has blacked out the cartoons lest some loony muslim go berserk and randomly burn down homes, offices, Baltimore, etc, yet they did not make any effort to conceal the identity of the winner of the draw mohammed contest and left his name and image right up there in their photos of the incident of the attack. We know more about a peaceful man than we do about his wannabe killers.

What this translates to in my mind is that anybody at all who draws and posts a picture of mohammed should have automatic right to concealed carry a weapon in every state in America because, by God when the muslims catch up to him/her they aren't always going to have armed SWAT standing around waiting to intercept the killers.

This country is starting to resemble the caliphate in Iraq/Syria. With all the unregulated spying on every call made by all Americans, why isn't law enforcement picking these scum off long before they launch their attacks? After Snowden's leaks they really don't have a leg to stand on and tell us that they don't monitor EVERY CALL MADE AND RECEIVED in the world and EVERY EMAIL sent anywhere. Our inability to be pro-active is almost British now. Find them and deport them.


Anonymous said...

After Snowden's leaks, the legal constraints of accessing the data that is collected has not changed. The general public honestly believes that the "Big Brother" organization is collecting, analyzing, and reporting on all the domestic data it collects; however, that couldn't be further from the truth...most of, if not all, sits idley in storage waiting for a justification, court order, and proper oversight priot to do doing so before it is deleted to make room for more of it is aged to a point of not being able to store it.

The US gov't really doesn't care about your dating habits, your gambling habits, your porn surfing habits, which mistress you talk to the most, or even your sexual orientation...and if they did, they would need far more personnel to analyze the massive amounts of data.

The events you capture are indeed a sad state of afairs, but the legal contraints placed on the US's intelligence organizations prevent them from looking at domestic communications without a court order based on a justification that is sound. If those constraints were not in place, then they MAY have found this activity and tipped it off, but the US people don't want more security from their government...they want the ever elusive privacy, at least until something happens that makes them want to be secure again...ah, the fickle American populace.

HMS Defiant said...

So you say. The proof of what I say lies in the documents Snowden released and the Stingray deployment and cover ups. Care to refute on an individual basis?

Anonymous said...


Proof of what you say lies in the interpretation of what you have read, how you interpret it, and under the false pretense that what was leaked is valid, holistic, and without question. Poor assumptions make for poor conclusions.

HMS Defiant said...

By your own account I can rely on the pathetic details released by law enforcement such as the wholly redacted 5000 page FBI response on Stingray?
By your own account I can rely upon every law enforcement agency exonerating every police shooting as legitimate?
By your own accounting, shooting a car 1000 times simply because it fled police is OK?
By your own account, when the LAPD shot up 2 pick up trucks and others in their pursuit of a police killer was legitimate and NOBODY had to go to jail for that is OK?
Go read Balko.
Go read about police breakins and killings without let or mercy.
I was there when 10 policeman shot a man for waving a tree branch at them in San Diego.

The simple fact is that it is the Police and the Federal Agencies have made it impossible to believe that there is any accountability or fact in any aspect of law enforcement. Wasn't it just last week that it came to light that for the last 3 decades THE FBI CRIME LAB lied about its forensic evidence 90% of the time when it testified against indicted people? Man found guilty for having his hair at the scene of the crime and it turns out 28 years later that the hair in question was a dog hair?

No, I'm afraid that just as with LA CONFIDENTIAL, we have law enforcement and prosecutors out of control and the way the law is written those people cannot be held to account for "THEIR CRIMES."

I find your defense of such a system interesting. Care to comment on your background? You know what mine is.

Anonymous said...

Military background.

Wont make any claims that refute your law enforcement blunders or apprioriate/inappropriate use of their systems such as STINGRAY as I don't work with or in that field and only have the same publicly available information that you do. But I will admit that while I draw some of the same conclusions in this portion of your dialogue that you do; I do so only knowing a part of the story. I would have to get what Paul Harvey would call the "rest of the story" to draw any conclusions with any degree of confidence.

I have worked in the intelligence field of the military for some time and simply offer that you only know what you know; don't even know what you don't know; and as a result are drawing some rather drastic conclusions that aren't entirely founded in fact.

Off to work for this poor fellow, but I am not defending anything, rather offering a dissenting opinion...that is the greatness of our system, we can have an opinion. I value yours by occassonally reading your blog adn that in part informs my own opinion, but it is but one source of information and is in no way authoritative on much of anything.

HMS Defiant said...

What you say sounds true. Did you read the story about how the FBI Forensics lab basically made up shit and testified in support of trial counsel or the prosecution in most cases for the last 30 years? That's where we part company. The FBI's labs word was accepted as the Golden Truth that could not be gainsaid and it looks like thousands of innocent people went to jail for life or to death based on their "understanding" of the facts.

If one wanted to institutionalize mistrust of law enforcement one could do no better than that.

As a Commander I never took life or death decisions without examining the evidence for my own self. You can read over on the right my philosophy on that. Check, Double Check and Verify were my watchwords.