Saturday, May 30, 2015


On Friday afternoon I walked around the neighborhood to see how summer was getting on. It looks pretty good so far. It's a nice place to live and go for a walk.

The second bridge I crossed on my walk
Doan Brook
The missing herons found at last on the lower lake
Looking toward the dam
Walking along the lake towards the dam
The narrow bridge below the dam
Reentry to the 20th Century


OldAFSarge said...

Some pretty vistas there Cap'n. Very nice!

Anne Bonney said...

Those herons look familiar.

HMS Defiant said...

It is a very nice place and you have to see the MetroParks to appreciate the rest of the area. I haven't been in any other city in America like this one. Portland talks a good game but it is nowhere near as nice.

HMS Defiant said...

Yep, Gus, Bob, Lucy, Lisa, Avery and Tinkerbell.

virgil xenophon said...

Come back, Shane! Come back!