Monday, May 25, 2015


I hope that all of you enjoyed Memorial Day as we did. It was a quiet day with some reflection and was also the Block Party on our street here in MetroParkCentralis. I'm afraid we left when the guitars started coming out of the houses and started wandering over to the low buzz and drone of neighbors, friends and relatives catching up on the doings of our street and cooing over the newest arrivals who were remarkably quiet and well behaved.

I left it too late to run up my new flag and found that I lacked the hardware required to fly it at all today. The picture below was taken at Fort McHenry. It is kind of shocking to realize that more people were killed and wounded this weekend in Baltimore by gunfire than were killed and wounded during the Royal Navy's bombardment of Fort McHenry in 1814.

A salute to all who have fought and died for this country. Some people don't need to set aside a day to remember. They remember the fallen every single day of the year.

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