Sunday, May 10, 2015


Thys ancien Dell used to lyve under a delusyian that it was was fast and to be honest, compared to the towers that come before, it was. It still works fine which is why it remains my upstairs computer and it can still, when I want, play the games that newer computers sneer at. I''m pretty sure Sneerat used to be close by Soddom and Gomorah and I can spell those anyway. I want to being different from people who elect to think there is a right way to spell Arabic in English and Chinese in English as fools of the first and second water. OTOH, I read Thucydides in translation and thought it good enough.

How were they spelled in the language of Ur? The Song of Solomon and Gilgamesh?

It's a loose interpretation and I might have to read SNOWCRASH again.

Second Reading: Snowcrash.

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