Wednesday, May 6, 2015


The rookie was aghast and demanded action immediately but the sergeant said no.

"You just saw him attack Rhines and kick the shit out of him~!"

"Yes, but Rhines assaulted the citizen first."

"What difference does that make? He just kicked Rhines in the balls for the 5th time!"

"Rhines went up against a citizen out walking at night in his own neighborhood and attacked him and the citizen employed  tactics that Rhines is unfamiliar with and overwhelmed him and beat the shit out of him and why? Ask yourself, why is Rhines lying there by the lake, pantless after a man pulled them off and thru them into the lake along with his official weapon, his backup weapon, his badge and his ID wallet?"

"Who the fuck cares why he did it, that was assault on a police officer!"

"Son, I don't see a man with a badge lying on the ground anywhere around here do you?"

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