Monday, May 4, 2015


Anon had a problem with my previous post and says just a few cops are bad. I concur. The problem I have with that though is that none of the dirty cops ever go to jail for life and neither do the prosecutors that practice prosecutorial abuse and send people to jail forever because they knowingly withheld exculpatory evidence that showed that the defendant could not have done the crime in question. I don't think jail is good enough for those types. I think burning them at the stake or crucifixion would be the least penalty they should suffer.

They 'police' themselves and 99 times out of a 100 they justify throwing a flashbang grenade on the face of an infant and then walk away from the medical costs incurred by the family of a home invasion they got wrong because they went to the wrong place at the wrong time to make a misdemeanor arrest with a SWAT. The police involved suffer no penalties and the City refuses to accept the onus for paying the costs incurred when an adult male officer burned the face off an infant lying in a crib.

Anon thought I was talking about police shootings. OK, let's examine the Gorner fiasco when various LA area police departments blew the crap out of pickup trucks in their search for a 6 foot black former LAPD officer. They blew apart the truck of a white man driving down the road minding his own business, not because he refused to stop but just because they thought, "pickup truck=Gorner" and then they shot the hell out of another pickup truck driven by a white woman and her mother out delivering newspapers and again, not because it looked like Gorner but because it was a pickup truck=Gorner.

I have a thousand stories just like that and so does everyone else in America and we don't mind the occasional mistake but when that happens we expect the killer to be FIRED. We expect them to be savagely abused for incompetence, ineptitude and stupidity and lawlessness and charged with the crime they actually committed. We simply don't like that they get a pass on that and continue on the beat.

Frankly, I don't think it is too much to hold the police to the actual law. Why do they get immunity from the actual law? They can bleat about their special role and endangerment but we don't accept that kind of crap from soldiers so why do we accept it from police? They're like the Air Force who says, sorry about wiping out your wedding party; our bad but no harm, no foul and nobody gets punished or whacked.

Cleveland Police announced last week that the little 12 year old boy with an air soft gun in the park had it coming and earned his death an instant after two cops pulled up to within 3 feet of him (off the road and well into the park in their cruiser) because two cops wearing bullet proof armor were terrified that he might shoot them.

I don't know about the rest of America but I am heartily sick of it. The internet informs us all about the depredations of the police everywhere and things like Civil Forfeiture just drive home the simple fact that the police are no longer in the business of protecting, they are in the business of enforcement and so was the....urk.....aaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhh.

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