Sunday, May 10, 2015


Elliptical properly describes the last post. Remember who I write for. It will remain long after I'm gone because nothing on the web is ever truly deleted. She'll figure it out.

This struck me today about Cruz from Ruben Navarette of all things: 

"I will also stick to English, Señor Halperin. You crossed the line. This was bad journalism, bad form, and bad manners." 

That was written by somebody I used to read once a week in Cardiff-By-The-Sea at the Donut Park while Josie was playing. I picked up the Beach Press next to VG's on Saturday and read it cover to cover while she played in the park. He had a weekly column in the beach press and he was always about 5 billion miles away from reality. Naturally, it took punching his race button to get him to within a lightyear of reality.

I am still getting an enormous kick out of the talent being fielded for the rethuglican nomination in contrast to the communist and the socialist being offered up by the democrats.

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