Thursday, April 16, 2015


I thought he would do this when his neighbors invited him to the world when he proposed expanding his studio.

Make no mistake. I am glad. 

I lived there. That was my backyard. All those mean bitches getting the backhand? Ha!

with this one I will simply say, elliptical and leave it at that. You had to be there.


Ex Bootneck said...

Not far from my humble abode lies a small picturesque hamlet (less than several small homes,) each now belonging to the high and mighty that work and live in London - who travel 'up north' for holiday breaks. A local farmer applied for planning permission to build a small bungalow that was to be built in the style of the existing homes; he was turned down by the planning committee due to the arrogance of the barstewards who visit on occasion, as they stood against the development.

The farmer now uses the small one acre plot of land for storing cow and pig manure, which does not contravene any type of law as it is registered 'for agricultural use.' The smell of success reeks evenly throughout the hamlet...

HMS Defiant said...

Long ago and far away a 98 year old man resisted an order in council with a Webley. He shot both the constable and the busybody. There was a picture on USENET back in 98 or 00. I remember the picture of him defending his domain as he was led out to face Scottish Justice. I have searched in vain for it. I can't find it. He built a structure in his yard and died for it.

What kind of idiot messes about with George Lucas?

Ex Bootneck said...

I recall this incident very well, as it happened 34 miles North of my parents home in County Durham. It was all the more remarkable at the time as it was caught on camera.

HMS Defiant said...

I hope you don't mind but I'd have been there to lend fire support. To bad the Vikings run the Kingdoms now where any resistance is an instant crime. Out in the West we still do that here.

I'm pretty sure town council are Orcs and the cops are Nazgul.