Friday, April 17, 2015


One of the things I enjoy about the meltdown is the overt and social in it.

At this point in the race to president, democrats have shrillary. There are no other tru dems walking out there in the polity of the electorate. The rethuglicans have 20 men wandering around in those shrubs beating the bushes for your vote. Unlike McCain, I'd vote for any of them.

I am not a DEM but can't you feel their little hearts beating aloud as they face the rest of us with just a shrillary?

I don't tell them this of course but it's like the bloke standing there in the trench at the Marne with a rubber bayonet and nothing else.

How did the democratic party get to be the party of loser leaders like Obama who did nothing, shrillary, Al Gore, Biden. One can hate McCain but at least that man lived a life and if we wanted to we could see his college transcript. Everything we see about any democrat is scrubbed, wiped out, or made up or massively concealed and hidden.

Did I mention that I quite like Ms. Palin? She too was one with solid, observable, meaningful credits in her resume. Obviously, not a democrat. 


Ex Bootneck said...

I was ridiculed for speaking out on behalf of Sarah Palin (no problem, just water of a ducks back.) My retaliation to their ridicule was the same mentioned in your comment; "The woman is not afraid of hard work, and has a lofty head for business - she has also shown her political qualities that only the most purblind critic would refuse to acknowledge." Even today as a private individual holding no office and not yet formally seeking one - she is still a powerful force for the Republican party. I believe Sarah Palin has rare political qualities that will hopefully come to the fore once again, and soon.

I often ridicule the fools you mention, and receive hearty support from those few viewing my posts - with double points received for hitting Hillarity hard (not an ungentlemanly thing to do, as she is regarded as being half man half beast.)

If America is ready for a female POTUS, at least lets have one in the shape of Sarah Palin. As she said herself some years back when she spoke out against Obama; "We need a Commander in Chief, not a professor of Law." The same roughly applies to Hillarity...

HMS Defiant said...

Oh how I wish she would run for president. Can you imagine the democrats with bylines howling themselves to pieces? I'd vote for her in a heartbeat. You see one of her daughters captured the affections of one of our medal of honor winners. There aren't a lot of either.

I hang out with the purblind here at METROPARKCENTRALIS. You probably have some idea how blind the ideological of the left can be. I always find it remarkable. They are quite possibly the stupidest life form on the planet but they are the Humbodlt squid of our time.

virgil xenophon said...

Roger that on Palin AND ALL the Dems..

OT, but what happened to the Delmar Beach Cam? I use it to think of better days..

HMS Defiant said...

Damn. That was my beach. I lived there for years and walked to del mar. Sometimes I even wore clothes!