Monday, April 13, 2015


Victor Davis Hanson does a point by point deconstruction of Hillary Clinton in in his piece today about her ambition to be president. It reminds me of the insightful book: by Harry G. Summers, On Strategy: The Vietnam War in Context. 

I highly recommend reading the article because it pretty fairly and accurately describes the motivations and flaws of Hillary and her ambition to control the nation.

That is Hillary Clinton’s past, present, and future. There is nothing more. No record — ever — of success, no innate charm, eloquence, brilliance,  or campaign savviness. And given her iconic female candidacy, her turn, her money — and the lack of an alternative — Hillary Clinton needs no agenda, whether a past one to defend or a future one to rally to. 
The agenda is simply that Americans are not doing well because of all sorts of illiberal enemies who conspire to thwart them due to their class, race, and gender — and the nation’s first woman president will make it all nice. 
Don’t laugh. It may well be a winning formula in the present-day United States.
I think one lying, vicious, unprincipled President per century ought to be the limit. We've reached that limit already for this Century. Two in a row would be incredibly destructive and this place would take on most of the aspects of imperial Soviet and Chinese Communist Party run latifundia.


Captain Steve said...

I am not laughing. She will carry the female vote because of her ovaries--no other reason needed--and probably the election thereby. The sheep (or in this case ewes) won't care about anything else.

HMS Defiant said...

Or, when Fauxcahantas tosses her hat into the ring because only a true fool and idiot would vote for hillary. It's sad. I'm waiting for the next Lena Dunham guide to virgins about their vote this time.
Naivety is something you cherish and embrace with little children when you tell them about the tooth fairy and Santa Claus. It's not what one wants in people who vote.