Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I have read science fiction my entire life starting when I was 5. The gulf between fans has been widened, deepened, seeded with mines and punji sticks and slathered in napalm. It makes for fun reading.

From Monster Hunter Nation

Take this “Wrongfan” moniker I now see popping up on Puppy sites. Neither I nor any of the other SMOFs or trufans or worldconners that I know have ever called you or your friends “wrongfans.” You guys made that up and applied it to yourself.
Damn right we did. I’m pretty sure I invented the word Wrongfun to describe how the perpetually outraged crowd on Twitter was perpetually offended that somebody somewhere was having fun wrong.
Let me give you an example of wrongfun. After my last letter to you went public I had three or four people concern trolling me on Twitter because I used the term “Twitter Lynch Mob” to describe a well-known type of behavior. They’re perched like falcons, waiting for somebody to transgress, so that they can swoop in and feel superior. If you use the wrong words, play the wrong games, read the wrong books, wear the wrong shirt, they’ll be there. These people are always looking for an excuse to shake their fingers at you for having fun wrong, hence the term, Wrongfun.
I am happy to be on the side that doesn't vilify and crucify. I have never, in my life, called anybody a racist or a sexist or a homophobe or a misogynist or a Jesus botherer. I'm 54 and it never occurred to me in all that time to invoke the language of true hate. I find it odd though how the liberals invoke the new Gods at every controversy to smear their opposition with the language of hate and contempt. It must be a precious thing to be a modern American liberal and use the terms they like to condemn the prisoners at the bar before they are ever allowed to confront their accuser or seek the light of justice.
It's like we have Bush Derangement Syndrome all over again. ...Long after the last Bush has gone. 


  1. I have been reading SciFi since I was in grade school. The attempt to take over the genre by a bunch of self-appointed PC twits mirrors exactly several of the stories I treasure. These people really don't understand self parody. Heinlein forever (along with Pournelle, etc. etc.).

    1. He coined a word that lives in happy memory. TANSTAAFL!

      IF: if, you put them into their serried ranks:
      EE. Smith
      sherwood smith and dave trowbridge
      my sister

    2. She's a good stick. Writes about Attolia.

    3. Hm. Have not read. Give me a title?

    4. The Thief is the first in the series about Attolia. They are geared for a young audience but anybody will enjoy reading them. I beat on her 3 days ago for being such a slow writer and she invited me to try it if I'm so good. :)

      She writes as Megan W...... Turner.

    5. Thanks. I'll give it a try, though my normal taste is towards Military Scifi.