Monday, April 6, 2015


It's a classic and there's a reason.

There has been quite the dustup in the Hugo Awards this year and this video somehow struck me as apropos. I have to admit, I'm one of those who expected the Sappish Inquisition. They moan endlessly about hate and eating babies for breakfast and oddly enough, never note the true spewers of hate and vile. You can tell those guys pretty easily, it's all bigot that and bigot this and pervert and racist and pedaphobe, something about glabecquits or some such acronym.

If you're into watching Saruman take down Barad-Dur, it's all good. :) Those of us left in Gondor just laugh as they destroy each other in a complex weave of hate and contempt.

I've been reading speculative fiction since I was 8 but at least these clowns never ever mention Perry Rhodan. As a young lad traveling to Newfoundland by car and ferry there was just one type/kind of book available in the book stores and book racks along the way from Newport to Saint John's and Halifax and all the way back and it sucked. Perry damned Rhodan. Experience the thrill of finding episodes 11, 45, 73 and 209 in the rack at the store. It made Dumarest of Terra look thrilling and sequential.

I side with the Revolutionaries in the dustup. Books go better with a bit of tea and it's not like they dumped it all into the Bay. I bet they took a lot home with them. Damned tea drinking book partiers.

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