Thursday, April 9, 2015


Regret is more powerful than anything I know. It takes a little while to shove that door closed.

I think that he wrote well. YMMD.  I beat up an author yesterday telling her to try to be more prolific. Authors are pretty tough. She would hate this writer with passion. I would that David Palmer wrote more but I suspect that's a closed door. The image is the thing in this case. It reminds me of another young lady boldly heading into the world. Yeah, I keep posting it because I can but if you wonder why, this came out a lifetime before my young lady appeared. I was still sweeping mines in the Persian Gulf when he wrote this and his second book.

he did write more but you have to put on digital footpads and trace it across the webs because it was never published.....but it is out there.

And now we have the thunder and lightning of Spring which, Oh God, I missed all those years in the Middle East and southern California.

I'll do this from time to time when the climate strikes me. Unlike the other thing, I enjoyed reading it.

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HMS Defiant said...

I did not know it won the Hugo award. I liked that book.