Thursday, April 9, 2015


I sometimes debate with myself so I always win, such as putting news stories on the blog like this one. This one raised an old fear because I could not believe how this country allowed it to happen. When my wife left and took away our child, it hurt.  Knowing that she could, at any time, fabricate a story of child abuse and land me in prison was really scary. I mean terrifying. The law isn't pretty.

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Ex Bootneck said...

We are fortunate in that we have several very good organisations that provide a powerful voice for divorced or separated fathers having difficulty in getting to see their children. The Courts now listen with balanced ears, which also allows the child's voice to be heard - the results of which, are amazing for the child as well as the Father.

You have absolutely nailed the content within the photograph - one day that little girl will be a few years older, and she will be walking towards you.