Friday, April 24, 2015


There have been thousands of protests on campus where activists leap to their feet and scream defiance. Good for them. Other people in the audience came to hear the speaker but their right to hear is overwhelmed by liberals and progressives.

There's an easy answer. There always is.

I remember flying on a Southwest Airlines flight once out of Sky Harbor. The flight attendants said that there would be free drinks for the first aisle to send/unrolling as it went, a roll of toilet paper from the first row to the back of the cabin and back to the front. My aisle won. Free drinks. I remembered that the Blue Man Group did this the last time I saw them in Las Vegas....well, except for the free drinks, those were on the house. I don't even know if casinos still offer free drinks to gamblers. They used to.

Every college event should feature a similar game. Each person in the front row given a roll of duct tape and it only moves to the rear when an 'activist' gets up to scream. The nearest person has to gag that one with duct tape.

Think Lena Dunham or mattress girl or all college feminists or LGBTQ whatevers

As it happens, I blame the 60s for giving us college petulance. I know one cannot, by law, shoot them but if a girl can voice her dissent by carrying a mattress to class, why can't the rest of us voice our dissent by carrying a 3 iron or a driver and using them as God intended?

The nicest thing about being a so/so golfer is that I can, to this day, top a drive off the tee and hit a mulligan or just play it as it lies without walking over to the nearest tree while shouting mighty oaths and wrapping the club around the tree. That's what the 'good' golfers do. I'm happy enough with a birdie or two and a half dozen par and don't mind bogying the rest of them although.....I hate to 3 putt and sometimes the putter slips out of my hand as I walk back to the cart.

When I started playing the game long ago I counted every stroke. Getting tired of recording my scores in exponential notation I soon stopped counting and just tried to play ready golf. That meant no 30 minute sojourns into the woods (on my own) looking for a ball that had gone astray and just playing on. Sure, me and my brother would come back later, after dark and look in those dark and evil places sacred to ball stealing goblins and leave with hundreds of golf balls. We didn't much care if they were slightly damp. We figured they'd dry out at some point and it's not like we needed the very best golf ball to improve our game. Yeah, I've heard that lost balls belong to the Pro and he might use them as range balls but, the way we golfed, we gave them all back.