Tuesday, April 14, 2015


What other name would be more appropriate for the Commanding General of Air Combat Command. He just fired his vice commander.
The Air Force has been criticized over the last few months in its handling of the A-10 in its quest to divest the close air support airframe, particularly in how it has previously reported the attack aircraft's role in combat compared to the Air Force's other bombers and attack planes.
Gen. Hawk Carlisle, commander of Air Combat Command where Post was assigned, issued a letter of reprimand and had Post moved from his position as vice commander at the command.
I can't recall. Did the Air Force fire everybody involved in loading nukes on a bomber and sending it away, all oblivious of the fact that they somehow made it into a nuclear weapons magazine and mistakenly loaded nuclear weapons on a bomber? I mean, a good thorough top to bottom scrubbing of all involved in that fiasco?  I think they took the same approach the navy did with this idiot. They recommended that idiot for promotion to admiral despite his idiocy.
In 1987, while flying off the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga, a Lt. j.g. Timothy W. Dorsey fired a missile at an Air Force F-4 reconnaissance jet piloted by then-Lt. Ross. Lt. Ross. He and his backseat officer ejected as the F-4 plunged into the sea. 
A Navy investigation called Lt. Dorsey’s decision an “illogical act” that “raises substantial doubt as to his capacity for good, sound judgment.” 
“The September 22, 1987, destruction of USAF RF-4C was not the result of an accident, but the consequence of a deliberate act,” the investigator wrote. “His subsequent reaction [to the radio command] demonstrated an absolute disregard of the known facts and circumstances.” 
The Navy banned him from flying for life.
....and yet found him suitable for promotion to admiral.

I think Inspector Generals should carry sharp swords when they investigate and have carte blanche to swing them vigorously.

If you have nothing to do on a rainy weekend, read, Once an Eagle by Anton Myrer.


Captain Steve said...

Admiral's son--almost sneaked him in. Outrage and the Senate (for once) prevailed.

HMS Defiant said...

I simply can't imagine the idiocy of the Board that selected this moron for promotion to Admiral, even in the Reserve. We have their names and all of them should be promptly retired "for the good of the service".
Yeah, I know how the Boards work. The look back is 5 years but the briefer should have circled this incident in red with flashing pixels and sound of thunder graphic in ppt when he briefed the board on this idiot.

Captain Steve said...

I repeat: Admiral's son. Sorry, have become somewhat cynical about the purity of the promotion board process.

HMS Defiant said...

Take it from an Army General's son. That was egregious and he should have been jailed for a time. Had I done something that vicious and insane, my father would have tripped over the cat in his haste to see me thrown into prison.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

Once an Eagle
Read it about 40 some odd years ago.
Reread it about 30 years ago after reading a Stillwell bio.
Still have it floating around here ...somewhere

HMS Defiant said...

I gave them all away along with everything else I owned a couple of years ago, I read it when in high school and then in college. It was the first book on leadership I read. What would Sam do?

I tend to think I reflected that on my leadership page.