Saturday, June 24, 2023


Things appear to be a little more chaotic than usual in the East but as with a lot of Ruin left in this Republic, there's a lot of Crazy still remaining in the East. It is reported that the Wagner military group is enroute to Moscow to dethrone the Russian General Staff. It looks a  little contrived and as I read through the various 'reports' over the last hour or two I was struck by how deeply stupid and ignorant most people are. 

There is supposedly a 50 kilometer long column of Wagner mercenaries marching on Moscow from southwestern Russia. It's a fairly industrial built up area so you would think there would be endless videos of this huge movement or even fakes of such a movement such as by for instance, substituting the movement of Russian armed forces and simply changing the names to say Wagner troops on the move, but no. There is nothing but words.

I also think who has the real brains now when it comes to military affairs and it really isn't the media and it isn't any country in the putative West. The people playing 3-D chess are all Russians at the moment and they have learned that they can fake out our entire media and 'Justice' system simply by opening their cornflakes in the morning and having breakfast.

I don't know what's going on but it's worth speculating. From the cheap seats:

    The Russians have decided to adopt a shaky image to present to the world of a regime and State in turmoil so that the idiots of the West and the poor bastards in Ukraine decide to 'strike while the iron is hot and there is turmoil and confusion in the enemy ranks.'

    Any mercenary column doing a road march against Moscow is going to get torn to pieces from the air. Air defense systems require a certain amount of stability and the Wagners can't have too many to start with. 

    It looks on the face that I'm wrong and there is a serious threat to Moscow and Putin posed by Wagner so what would Putin Do? That's right, the first use of nuclear weapons since Nagasaki will be Russian nukes used on Russians on Russian soil and voila, the atomic genie escapes. One would arguably have to be a lunatic to continue to bleat about making war on a nuclear armed Russia and telling the sheep that there is no possibility of such a special military NATO operation going nuclear.....

At some point, the sheep will look up.


Dan said...

The only thing that can be said with certainty regarding the insanity of this "special military operation" is that NOBODY anywhere is telling the truth about what's actually happening. And thus we have no way of knowing what's going on. In the end it really doesn't matter for most of us what's happening. The criminals in power, here AND in Russia don't give a rats ass what the hoi polloi think, believe or want. They are going to do what they want to do regardless. All we can do is prep as best we can for the inevitable fallout...both financially and literally.

lindy21@ said...

Thanks to both the author and commentor. You both confirm my heart felt attitudes toward the present criminal mafia in both countries. 1776 I'm afraid is right around the corner. Hope we're strong enough to take no prisoners. Liars get no respect here.