Thursday, June 8, 2023


 It hasn't gone anywhere. It's still out there and it is still just as virile and dangerous as it ever was. Oddly, now that we have had our entire economy shattered by the governments' reaction to this pandemic fraud and thousands of lives disrupted and torn asunder, tens of thousands of private businesses ruined to death by being shuttered by order of Big Government and fascist Health Departments, nobody hears about it anymore. It just seems to have wandered away.

If there was a time for hunting down and tarring and feathering those responsible, this would be as good a time as any. Oh, and let us not forget their big ally in lying about every aspect of this fraud, the media. They should probably all get shoved in front of trains by those people that seem to get away with that sort of behavior all over America. I'm trying to recall what made those people so unique. I'm sure it will come to me.


  1. Actually, as the virus continues to mutate, it has become less virulent and less dangerous. It will eventually disappear into the vast population of cold viruses.

  2. Actually, if truth be told, the virus was and is just as lethal as the vast panoply of cold viruses, killing the aged, infirm, and those whose immune systems are/were out of kilter. As we're now learning in retrospective, not one of the government's/media's recommendations did any good and, in fact, did more harm than if we had done nothing. but treated it as a flu/bad cold. The government's Chicken Little stance was to create panic.
    Run! Run! Run for your lives! The sky is falling!

    1. Love the Israeli study that shows no healthy person under 50 died from the China Wuhan Virus.........

  3. There are a lot of government types that are going to find the afterlife to be uncomfortably warm.

  4. This whole thing has been a splash of cold water for me. The obviousness of what covid and the response to it has been, contrasted with what many people still pretend to be true, is astounding to me. I know a bunch of MDs (I work in a medical setting) who just flat out will never admit this and have doubled down on the narrative. It was tough for me, since I'm used to deferring to them on stuff I don't know or understand, but come on man! One way of divvying it up is that there are two kinds of people, those who can actually evaluate evidence in front of them no matter what the narrative says, and those who can't. In my estimation the latter group must be 95% plus of the north america.