Tuesday, June 13, 2023


 A study of history shows that the United States rose to dominate the world after World War II due to its transcendent wealth and manufacturing and maintained its dominance even as the politics of the nation slipped to encompass outright stupidity at the very top of politics and saw the jobs and manufacturing flow out of the United States and soon followed by the wealth. Where the international currency had been dominated entirely by the dollar it isn't anymore thanks in large part to the stupid and insane policies of the Fed and the US Government as it tried to use $hegemony to trim our rivals (not our enemies, just rivals) and so we come to what is left at the end and it isn't what you think.

There is very little remaining of the military I spent 30 years in and my father spent 26 years in and his father spent 30 years serving.  The debacles go all the way back to our involvement in the dissolution of Yugoslavia and persist right through Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom and encompass all the myriad little SNAFUs along the way such as Mogadishu and the rest of Somalia and Sudan and Iran.

The officers selected to run our military services were all selected by the handful of officers approved by Bill Clinton who then went on to pick more like themselves for the 3 and 4 star commands which led to an overwhelming number of idiots, morons and incompetent boobs at the help of all 4 military services and things are only getting worse at an accelerating rate because the blinders are off now and the People can see what a travesty military service has become. General officers like Flynn and Boykin  aren't just rare these days, the very conditions to bring them out are gone because they've been stamped flat. Only officers like former LTGEN Clapper will thrive in this environment. There should not be any room at the top for liars like that.

It says something when the entire United States of America can only build one nuclear submarine at a time because it doesn't have enough qualified skilled craftsmen to build two nuclear submarines at the same time. Did nobody see that coming? The surface warships designed and built for the last 20 years have been pure crap Littoral Combat Ships which can literally perform no military duties whatsoever because not one of the mission modules they were designed to operate (supposedly) has ever been embarked and deployed. Not a single module in 20 years. Included in the crummy design category must be the Zumwalt class of extremely large gunboats and the bleeding-edge-tech aircraft carrier, USS Ford.

The Army is short more than an entire infantry division because youngsters failed to materialize out of the old South to fill the ranks of a service that has largely lent its name, image and heritage to vilifying every single aspect of Southern pride and engaged in a never ending witch hunt for some white supremacy in the Army.

It looks like all the pillars of national power and prestige have been deliberately broken and thrown down by the people and the government running this country.

I wonder where they all plan to refugee to when this country "suddenly" goes 3rd world and no longer has electrical power 24/7 and fewer and fewer working roads and nowhere near enough fuel to fire the power stations and the cars and trucks that make this country possible.

It's probably time for a long hard think about where we're heading as a country and what we can do to shape a future that is better for all of us. Perhaps there is no future in being the global superpower and we should just stop doing it. We might say the same thing about many of the roles we have found ourselves inserted into over the decades.

Maybe we could end the war on drugs? With the vast amounts of lethal concentrations of fentanyl entering the country now, it's just a matter of time until the addicts all kill themselves and what the Hell, states are busy legalizing all the fun drugs while still restricting access to things like sudafed....

End the war on poverty. We lost that one so it might be time to initiate a new war that deports the impoverished to someplace else such as California.

End all subsidies for public education at all levels from pre-school to College and let the maket forces sort out what college graduates we really need. It will probably turn out that we need about 1/20th of the ones we currently graduate from 4 year colleges.

We could collapse the entire FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA and the Homeland Security operations/intel centers and go back to the old school way where we only spy on our enemy, not everybody.

It bears some thinking about.


Michael said...

While I agree with your premise, the lifecycle of a late-stage empire cannot be denied. The seeds of its demise have been planted and fertilized with "Woke" and such. Cutting out the "Cancer" without a unified body to "Restore the Republic" simply speeds the collapse to a Marxist Strong Man or Cabal.

Actional suggestions is to protect your family and trusted friends. The Titanic is sinking, the elites own the lifeboats as they intend to rule over the ashes and establish a techno-feudalism. Build your own lifeboats from the debris and outlast the bastards.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the current Destruction of what used to be a World class Military. My Grandfather served in WWII in the Pacific on a Sea going Tug. My Father Served during the Hot part of the Korean War. I was serving in Afghanistan in 02 when we Won the War. I was also in country in 03 when we officially Lost that war. From the new "Multicultural Dictats" that the Pentagon embraced to the New ROE's they pushed to the front lines. It took 18 years for that zombie war to stumble across the Fail line, but anyone on the ground could see the end.
God Help us and Protect us from our Political Royalty in DC and the Five Sided Clown College.

boron said...

"By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood
And fired the shot heard round the world."
I think we've finally arrived at that time again.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I remember being told by a poster at Sal's many years ago, that an LCS was a better warship, than The Big Badger Boat.
The same person said that the five incher was useless, and the 57 mm gun on the LCS was all that was needed.