Thursday, June 22, 2023


I have to admit I did not expect to hear such words in my lifetime following the end of the Cold War. I kind of thought we had mostly stuffed the nuclear genie back into the bottle and we could all, as Rodney King moaned, just get along. It's not looking so good as Europe fights the first peer vs peer war since World War II and things are not going well for the planet.  The following from simplicius substack.


Those ignorant twits who think that mankind is responsible for global warming can rejoice in their black little hearts if the Russians do decide to nuke Ukraine since it could see the sudden onset of Fimbulwinter and result in drastic global cooling with perhaps an early reversion to the Ice Age we just climbed out of 10,000 years ago. Of course the more sane people of earth look at cubic miles of earth pumped into the atmosphere by the odd volcano and laugh at the idea of man-made nuclear winters. Still, one doesn't like to see one of Putin's principle military advisors write an editorial for publication that suggests that an appropriate Red Line against further NATO stupidity in Ukraine would be to simply nuke the place. Again, Russia, much like Germany in World War I enjoys the advantage of weather moving from the east to the west and so could expect to watch the fallout stretch out and embrace all the idiots who decided to wage a proxy war IN EUROPE!!!! against Russia.

It does make you wonder doesn't it? What would actually happen in the throne rooms around the West if their was a reported nuclear detonation in Kiev and other cities in Ukraine at say, 0200? I don't think the United States would be able to wake up the President and since he is really the only man with the authority to actually launch nukes we should be OK. If he can't even mumble corn pop then I doubt he could communicate the launch authentication codes. Unfortunately there are 3 nuclear powers in NATO and I don't think either Rishi or Macron has even the tiniest understanding of war since they haven't actually done it since 1982 and all of those people are dead now.

It could be very energetic and glittery for awhile and maybe we get to see what a total and complete lack of ballistic missile defense means. I mean, after all, it is now obvious that Moscow has a ballistic missile defense but the rest of the world? Not so much. We had all those treaties you know.....all of which have been abrogated and abandoned over the last 20 years or so.  DC would not be a good place to be right now.


Anonymous said...

Please don't tell me you were serious when you said Biden was the only one that could launch the nukes. It may be true he is the only one with the authority, but true authority has not mattered for a while now.

boron said...

I think Vladimir Vladimirovich knows, very well, how to quickly end this, what is essentially (on the surface at least) minor European border war. Simultaneously, drop one on Brussels and one on DC.
On Kiev? simply out of the question.
He won't do it, of course.

Anonymous said...

Read somewhere, some time ago now, that the Democrats would be the ones to stumble us into a nuclear war, due to their total lack of understanding of military force. As time progresses those words almost appear to be prophetic.

Dan said...

Once we cross that Rubicon all bets are off. Sadly the idiots in power actually believe it's possible to use nuclear weapons without things escalating to total war ad total destruction. As I have stated we are clever species....not an intelligent one.

HMS Defiant said...

They keep pushing it. First its OK to attack Ukraine a little says Biden and then it's not OK and we are going to give nonmilitary aid to Ukraine and then military aid but not real killer stuff and then it's tanks and IFV and Patriot missiles and now they're talking ATACMS and F16s.
I read The Irony of Vietnam the system worked by Leslie Gelb et al in the early 80s and it was fascinating to see War as a slippery slope and yeah the idiot democrat elites from yale and harvard at State and in the administration simply don't get it.
I can almost guarantee they have never done a single wargame in their lives and certainly not one orchestrated by the War College.
They literally don't know what they don't know.