Tuesday, June 20, 2023


 I was just reading a bit at The Blade of Perseus and I found these words fascinating:

Given such U.S. largess, Ukraine currently enjoys the third-largest defense budget in the world, behind only the United States itself and China in annual outlays. That gargantuan expenditure is a result almost exclusively of American massive arms shipments and other NATO countries’arms transfers, all based on a commitment to help Ukraine repel Russian aggression. Officials in Russia, Ukraine, and the United States have all agreed that the war is a high-stakes proxy conflict between nuclear Russia and nuclear NATO.

Think about that. This is a scholar writing about a current ongoing war in Europe between a nuclear armed super-power and all of NATO and he is referring to it as a Proxy War. I beg to disagree. This is a Special Military Operation between NATO and the former Soviet Union and for those who elect to believe that the Soviet Union is no more, sucks to be so ignorant. As with the vanishing into history of the Russian Empire which was replaced by the Soviet Union, so too was the Soviet Union only made to appear to disappear when no such thing happened. This was one of the many things I really enjoyed about one of the stories within the Story of The Moon Goddess and the Son.

Has anybody in NATO taken the trouble yet to sit down and write out what the necessary conditions for Victory will entail in this War or its ending in some other way? They can't be imaging that the rest of the world is lapping up the pablum of the mainstream media and believe that Putin really will be ousted and somehow the end will follow a 'regime change' in Russia, can they? 

For Russia the terms of war appear to be military operations are OK for the next 20 years and they're prepared to follow the trail America blzed in both Iraq and Afghanistan for long unending and undemanding wars.

Those familiar with the genesis of World War I will see in this "proxy war" pretty much the same rotten seed that started most European post Vatican States war: Irredentism. It's funny, that word is so unspeakable that blogger spell check tells me that I have spelled it wrong.

The old Nation/States still underpin most of Eastern Europe which is why Hungary and Poland and the rest are less then interested in following Western European nation states into the sewer of mass migration and attendant destruction of the very qualities that made England=English and French=French and Scandinavian=all blonde volleyball teams I'd prefer to watch. You see it very clearly with the breakup along purely ethnic lines of Yugoslavia and again in Czechoslovakia. While they've lost the ball and the future of the development of what made them, the Eastern Europeans have not and that includes the Russians who see the mistreatment of ethnic Russians as very bad for business. It's something the newer members of NATO may bring to the attention of old NATO as the Baltic Republics try to imagine any kind of future without the resident Russian population that Stalin larded into them after his expansion of Soviet Republics.

The easterners may well better remember than us and NATO that it was us and old NATO that sold them to Stalin in exchange for peace in our time. It might be that that peace was fleeting and is gone now. Keep pressing Russia and you can hardly be surprised if they press back.

We are all well advised to seek out news from all sources at this point (always) because what we see in the western news bears no relationship whatsoever to what the rest of the world is seeing. It's kind of like the media in the US unfailingly devoting hours of coverage every night to Trump and his handful of classified documents and utterly ignoring that Biden and Hillary Clinton had far more classified material under far less protection for decades longer and yet were never indicted much less prosecuted. 

With the recent exposure of another nuclear power station to the tender mercies of war it really is time to reflect on how much longer we want this war to continue because when you sit down for one minute and just think about ending the war all it takes is for NATO to stop arming the Ukrainians with literally every remaining piece of weaponry and ammunition they have. In other words, the War could end tomorrow if a real President stood in the White House and simply told the world, "no more."


Michael said...

And frankly I suspect Putin is just holding back His hardliners from using nuclear weapons given the ongoing US attacks (Let's call it as IT IS) on Russian civilians including Moscow.

He doesn't want to see American Nukes Destroy Mother Russia (Yeah, they really think like that, it's called patriotism and loyalty to country).

So he waits until we collapse from within.

I wonder how the USA would take if China was arming Mexico with Fentanyl and they were lobbing it into every city and town in America.

Oh Wait they Are...

Protect your family, I fear that a nuclear false flag will occur as to generate a 911 or Remember Pearl Harbor style motivate the people behind the Gov.com.

Yea, we've done it before, eh?

Michael said...

Sorry incomplete thought. What if China WANTS the Ukraine War to continue. Depletes our high-tech weapons, they get to buy from Zelensky interesting weapons systems they get to reverse engineer. Yea, HE IS Selling them. Our Crime troubles in Mexico get heavy weapons from Zelensky's yard sales. A little MOAR Trouble for China's enemy America, eh?

Makes the USA look like the "Gang that couldn't shoot Straight" as to "encourage" Tiawan to "Gracefully ACCEPT" re-unification with China.

A LOT Cheaper than losing a few naval ships, aircraft and so on and less RISK than a shooting situation. Nobody starts a war looking to lose, but somebody always loses (often both sides).

Americans barely plan where they want to go for dinner tonight. China and Russa plan for decades ahead.

HMS Defiant said...

China just got the green light to invade Taiwan. If I was somebody in desperate need for the high end chips that are only made at one place and it's in Taiwan I'd be very interested right now in building a facility that could do that here and get H1B visas for every single Taiwanese that has ever worked on the line or management at that plant.

Max Yasgur said...

"China just got the green light to invade Taiwan"...That's a pretty bold proclamation there. You're just blowing smoke if you don't back it up.