Saturday, June 10, 2023


 I'm sure few if any of my readers, either one of them, really believes a single word out of the same Pentagon losers that brought us the rout in Kabul and the equally dismal rout in Sudan as they talk about how the Ukrainian's armed with shiny new NATO tanks and IFV are crushing the Russians and driving them out of their positions in Ukraine. I had just finished reading the pleasantly deceptive soothing nonsense some former British tank commander had to say about how the Ukrainians with their spiffy new tanks kicked ass in the battles yesterday.

After that I decided to look at how it is really going in Ukraine and let's just set aside the diversion that is the failure of a dam in Ukraine that hurts the Russians far more than it inconveniences the only thing that matters to the thugs running Ukraine. They care about money, their bank accounts in Switzerland and that's about it. Unlike the idiots in Kabul, I'm sure they have very fast, very secure transportation already lined up and waiting to get them to Switzerland before the people tear them limb from limb for what they've done to Ukraine with NATO's help.

If you're interested in what is really happening in Ukraine now viz the War you could do much worse than point your browsers at: Siimpilcius.

As he points out, the reality is that nobody has fought a peer hi-tech war since NAZI Germany was crushed in 1945. For those who didn't study the war in the Pacific at all, it was pretty much over following the battle of Midway except for convincing the dead to lie down and stay down. With the Germans it remained dicey up until the Battle of the Bulge in the West although by that point the Russians were well on their way to destroying Germany.

I read the article and it took me back to reading Julian Corbett and his vision of the "uncommanded sea" which is what he used to describe a condition where no power actually exerted sea control and dominance. We are seeing that in Ukraine with mostly air denial weapon systems and then the fields of mines, artillery, ATGMs everywhere and one side running out of manpower, munitions and will. 

I wonder who in NATO will come up with the idea of striking invisibly in the night at one of the nuclear power plants and causing Chernobyl II even if it means years of radioactive fallout sprinkling all of Western Europe. They probably figure it worked out just fine when they wiped out the Russian gas lines to Europe in a secret mission nobody is at all curious about and what do they care if the excess people they whine about in the West all start to die of radiation poisoning?  It's not like the elite Davos attendees are going to be there and surely it will bring an end to the farmer's complaints that the government is taking land out of production for netzero goals that are idiotic and pointless. After all, if the population goes down and the land is too radioactive to farm, win win for oligarchs, right?

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Dan said...

The real problem is the people in charge these days are not particularly intelligent. Clever, yes...and totally amoral. But not nearly bright enough to see into the future and understand the possible outcomes of their nefarious schemes. That's a very dangerous thing for civilization to face.