Wednesday, June 7, 2023


 The final horrible death of 'free association' is kind of amusing in its grisly girly way.  It seems there is a women's spa in the socialist people's rethuglic of Washington that wanted to restrict entry to biological women only this is unthinkable and tramples all over the rights of weirdos making up the local state human rights commission's most protected subspecies of lunatics and so the idea of allowing any gender to exist without all 999 other genders in a space of open nudity is forbidden by law.

It's a silly case but the men of my generation, here and there, must be laughing a bit at the idea of yet another icon of the women's movement being taken apart with the same insanity that was used to destroy all the men's only associations back in the seventies. What comes around, goes around.

On the other hand, I happen to believe fairly strongly in free association and exclusion for any damned reason at all and if you don't like it that's perfectly fine since you're not welcome there. I can't help but notice that exclusive groups of people rich enough are never trifled with on the basis of their associations and exclusions.

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