Monday, June 12, 2023


 I haven't been able to keep up with the news of the world of late so must have missed the notification when it came out about the withdrawal of one of the rushed into production fake vaccines. It appears that the Johnson and Johnson not-quite-a-vaccine has been withdrawn from use in the United States because it can cause fatal blood clots in women. I wonder how much longer before the blinders come off and the people in charge accept that they rushed into production a never tested batch of drugs and tried to limit all liability in their rush to prevent a fairly harmless disease.

They'll never admit that the conspiracy theory bunch were right to question or even refuse to believe the lies told about the so-called vaccines. It kind of stands out though when the alleged vaccine doesn't provide protection from the disease and doesn't prevent its spread and that all the usual health tracking information systems that used to be used as a guide to the effectiveness or deadliness of the medication itself has been so thoroughly corrupted it has lost any meaning.

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Anonymous said...

A good indication that the actual truth is starting to very slowly dawn on the sheep that they have been Hoodwinked...
Is when the MSM start bleating about how we should all "forgive and forget" cause "we" all made mistakes and now we need "Covid Amnesty" cause we meant well in our Tyranical overreach.
An even better indication is when our Abusive Public Servants start wanting to change actual history...
Like Joe Biden coming out and having the Gall to say:
"We never Forced anyone to get the shots".
After having thrown Military members out of their careers for the last two years for the Crime of not getting the experiment.