Friday, February 3, 2023


It really wasn't more than a few months ago that the United States wasn't actively at war with anyone at all. That was obviously intolerable so our fearless leaders in Washington DC and Foggy Bottom have winched a brand new war into play and now we are shipping not just anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, tanks and armored fighting vehicles to Ukraine to be used exclusively on Russians. So, war. I see just now that the same people who brought us the current war have downshifted and are really throwing in some torque and have decided to ship long range missiles to Ukraine to be used exclusively on Russian cities and towns hundreds or thousands of miles away.

I sure hope logistics guys don't screw up like those USAF buffoons who carefully loaded nuclear tipped land attack missiles on a B-52 and flew them off to sit overnight unguarded on a ramp because NOBODY knew they were nuclear missiles until some clued in Sergeant noticed the striping on the underwing mounted missiles that clearly indicate nuclear weapons.

Gee, wouldn't it suck if a few of those got mixed up in the next shipment to Ukraine?


Anonymous said...

Defiant, it's just an accidental shipment of nukes to the Ukraine. Just a small mistake. Nothing to worry about and nothing to see. So, just move along with the rest of us peons.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

The Department of State has caused more grief for our country than anu other source.

Anonymous said...

Holy jesus! What if they had been used in that 'inadvertent' strike that hit Poland?

ontoiran said...

is the military actually able to recruit people these days? hahaha...i'm looking forward to seeing jane fonda and the meathead doing commercials to encourage kids to "do their duty and go protect our democracy in ukraine"