Monday, February 20, 2023


 Enough is enough. I think it falls into State Right to forbid Norfolk and Southern Rail movements within the State until N$S makes it safe. They have NO RIGHT to destroy value and walk away simply because they decide to move unsafe cargo over unsafe rails.

And no the answer is not to sue them into oblivion. It is simple. Deny them the routes. They have no right to the route. They have no right to ride the rails through any area where the rails are not safe.

Ban them. And make it stick.


Captain Steve said...

Actually, railroad right of ways belong------to the railroads, not the state/county/city. Been that way for a long time.

HMS Defiant said...

Oh I know that. I remember long ago reading the the US government gave railroads rights of way that equaled the size fo the state of Texas. The thing is, we're a litigious society now and if the railroad won't play ball the State can still shut them down. Anybody can. Just park a junk car on the rails and you get a shutdown every single time.

HMS Defiant said...

If you really wanted to make your point, you'd have a crane sitting right there by the track and a line of junk cars lined up waiting for their turn on the rails. The crane, obviously, wouldn't be available to shift the car off the tracks for the convenience of the railroad.

Anonymous said...

A State Government in such a frame of mind could inform said RR and the Transportation Dept that all lines belonging to that RR within the state will be physically disabled by the State Guard and occupied until the RR agrees to terms. Secretary Bootiegag would certainly take notice of that, as well as Ole Joe B. State then takes up the rails in a few key spots and puts them under armed occupation. The Feds would freak out and try and order a stand down. The Courts would issue emergency rulings and whatnot. It might be worth the trouble for such a Governor to proclaim a state of emergency, since we have seen just how much illegal activity they can get away with by declaring one.

HMS Defiant said...

I think the actual power of the courts is much diminished by the lowest of them.
I have no care about judicial decrees in such a matter.
Just what court will send Marshalls to enforce their decree, here, there, over there, down there, just over get the point.
When the citizens have had enough?