Wednesday, February 15, 2023


 One thing that should concern every thinking American is our lack of adequate stocks of munitions to engage anybody other than Latvia in a prolonged war. When you go to the bunkers and search out the ready ammunition, there really isn't much left. I'm sure the Feds could pony up a few billion rounds of 9mm and .223 but the seek and destroy armor 155mm rounds, HIMARS, MLRS, ATACMS, etc are weapons that require a degree of smarts. 30 years ago someone told me that there were serious concerns in his neck of the woods that the United States was down to a single manufacturer of artillery fuzes. After 1991 Bulova was out of the trade and L-3 was making them. The fuzes are easy. The missiles require guidance systems and those involve chips and more circuitry. I think most of that stuff is made in China. It's the same for the Navy's Standard Missiles, Harpoons, Tomahawks, etc.

Sort of brings to mind the old, "For want of a nail, the kingdom was lost."

Remember all those unfinished cars and trucks back during the disruption of the faux pandemic? Yeah, some things really need microchips and the US doesn't make them anymore.

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SCOTTtheBADGER said...

It worries me that our weapons contain Chinese made electronics. One would think that common sense would dictate that if it is being made for national defense, it will be made here, in it's entirety.

No other way of weapons procurement should even be imagined. They may cost more, but sometimes the more expensive item is by far the least expensive, in the long run.