Wednesday, February 22, 2023


 More and more talk about bringing back the draft now that they have inflamed both Russia and China and gutted the military to make it safe for low performing idiot generals and all the rest, all in the competent Hands of men like General Milley. Sucks to be young, fit, non-drugged and, Straight, simply normal cannon fodder suitable for the battlefields of today and tomorrow.


boron said...

whadya wanna bet it'll be the very far left pushin' fer a universal draft

Anonymous said...

That would be a mistake on several levels. Despite the woke makeover into the pussified military we have at the moment, the vast majority of the raw material in the current generation are completely unfit for military service. They are under-educated, unpatriotic, unmotivated toward any form of coerced activity, and physically and mentally unhealthy. A Selective Service system would be more realistic, so you could choose the better candidates out of the general population. Unfortunately for the woke overlords, those people are the very same demographic that once made our military exceptional and against whom they have been discriminating against since the 1980's and have been openly hostile to for the past several years.
They will be exposing the lie of their EO armed forces if they choose the draft only the males who show aptitude toward martial service. No, the fantasy world they live in will force them to draft women, trannies, and the unfit in masse. The bigger problem for them that doing so will unleash will be the widespread return of anti-military sentiment in the modern freakshow counterculture that was a core belief in the Boomer counterculture 50 years ago. A widespread return of anti-establishment and anti-militarism of the political Left will compliment that same existing and growing sentiment on the Right.
So what will they get for their trouble if they go this route? They will get a widespread backlash of resistance, draft dodging, and hostility toward all uniformed authority. They will get a lot of useless bodies in uniform that they will have to pay, yet who will be utterly useless either as a deterrent, (our enemies are not stupid) or in actual battle. Our military is so weak as it is now that we are one military disaster away from collapse. We already have legions of the unfit in uniform. Should they be thrown into the Ukrainian meatgrinder, or 5000 of them go down with their carrier in the Pacific under a hail of Chinese anti-shipping missiles, the rest of the snowflakes wearing the uniform for the perks will suddenly find any excuse they can find to get OUT of those uniforms before they end up dead too. Look up the widespread female undeployable rate due to sudden pregnancy right before the 1991 Gulf War.

HMS Defiant said...

Just so.
What is lost by the left is the old notion of the "Draft Boards" made up of your neighbors and fellow citizens many over the draft age but still hale. What the US would be drafting would scare Attila. They will go to court.......and win, and win and win......and truthfully, I read that article and amendment to the Constitution and involuntary servitude? Yeah, well Fuck you.
If they were to show up in Boot Camp we might see a legend!
Nah, that was handled by Arlo Guthrie long ago.
Unfit, drugged, deranged, hyper, altogether too scary to give weapons to, and the usual pablum.
Nope. come the draft, there is nobody home anymore.
OH. For the guys, just fake it till you make it. But you know the drill. You poor bastards have been doing it all your lives.