Monday, February 20, 2023


I wonder if the ground forces have any solution for the threat that $25.00 drones have on the battlefield. Watching the ground forces in Azerbaijan long ago, the drone was simply the most lethal thing anyone will ever encounter on the battlefield and I haven't seen any Army or Marine doctrine that makes that explicit and calls for the death of drones.


Michael said...

Maybe they should ask the Russians about that. They've been dealing with large hobby drone attacks for the past years and seem to have developed cheap countermeasures.

When Musk turned off Starlink to the Ukrainians over their use of chemical weapons that seems to have seriously cripped up their Quasi civilian drone use.

Dan said...

Ukrainian forces are starting to field handheld jamming devices that cut drones off from the controllers. I have zero doubt that DARPA has been working on multiple methods for dealing with small drone warfare...both offensively and defensively. They just aren't talking about it.

HMS Defiant said...

I suppose we would quickly find out how effective mass jammers can be if they are, and I'm sure they are, deployed around the White House and the President wherever he is. It was only a couple of years ago someone allegedly went after the Venezuelan dictator with a drone bomb.