Sunday, February 26, 2023


More on Dilbert, and Scott Adams.

I watched the podcast.

It's interesting that it took him so long.

I figured out black people five decades ago. So did most of the rest of us. It wasn't all that hard.


Anonymous said...

I suspect he had it figured out too. But to go public with it took a long, long time. He probably had to accumulate enough money that he could withstand being canceled, because he must have known that was coming.

Anonymous said...

As we pilots say when referring to traffic, “See and avoid”.

HMS Defiant said...

aprapos of nothing at all. I remember leaving Cairo West in a huey with an old warrant officer as co-pilot. Pilot was a young man maybe 23. Every other second on the way up to Mubarek Military City the copilot would say, "wire". Yeah, we flew up the river to Alexandria. I think we lost a helo to a wire strike just a week later. That copilot kept his eyes open and on the killer thing.
I've been going armed now for a few years. Oddly, I never did before. It is way more dangerous than it used to be.