Thursday, February 23, 2023


 I do. I really enjoyed it as Fire Control Officer on DD-986 in the far north Pacific looking for Russian ballistic missile submarines very very quietly.

The old British Army of the Rhine no longer exists in even the tiniest most minuscule amount and the Girl Scouts could spank what is left of the German Army. Hell, they'd line up for it.

"Maskirovka?" "Comrade, I don't know what you're talking about!"

All those American armored and mechanized infantry formations with the thousands of tanks, many of them prepositioned in Europe so REFORGER could simply fly in, fall in and mobilize them to take on the Russians in the Fulda Gap? Well, they're reefs off the coast of the Carolinas now.

What? You failed to notice? That happened almost 30 years ago. You know, when the Cold War ended and we promptly scrapped generations of warfighting machines and hardware. In case it slipped your mind, we've got the 173rd Airborne in Italy and that is about it other than exercise bits of dribs and drabs scattered in front of the Russians in Poland and the Baltic states.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

They have plenty of reef dwelling A-6s to provide close air support.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

That really was a Ripping Yarn!

samoore said...

Read that many times. Good read.

Even had the PC game "loosely" based on it. Ran it on my DOS 3.3 Leading Edge Model D.
Kick in the butt.

Matthew W said...

Was that the one with the East Germans doing a fake Russian attack on Nato???

Anonymous said...

And our modern soldiers can shave their hairy legs with what's left of my last ship (CV 59).
--Tennessee Budd

HMS Defiant said...


Anonymous said...

I thought the east Germans were pretending to be russians

Beans said...

Might be you're talking about "Sum of All Fears." Muslims build a nuke and smuggle it into the US to blow up the Superbowl at the same time others in Germany buy uniforms and equipment from ex-Soviet army types and stir up a confrontation between US forces in Berlin and Russian/East German forces.

Matthew W said...

That's it !!
Been a long since I read that one and forgot that wasone of the sub plots.