Saturday, February 25, 2023


 I knew way back in '84 that we did not really have the best and brightest at the helm of either the ship of state or the intel community. I had no idea they were all triggly puff.

The Foreign Service was once a deep reservoir of men steeped in the language, history, politics and everything else foreign. They were, of course, ignored but still and all,  they were replaced by twits, clothing thieves, faggots and other scum.

To be honest, that kind of shit stripe will offer us endless words, paragraphs, twits about nonsense and not one of them is an actual political/real/politik analyst. 

Srsly, a high gov official is denounced for stealing clothes. Did anyone at all look at what he was supposed to be doing in his job? NO!

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Anonymous said...

How many times has the ACE Tomato Company failed to detect or report a major attack or outbreak of war? The ones we know for certain are; Korea 1950, Suez 1956, Tet Offensive 1968, MidEast War 1973, Iran Embassy Takeover 1979, Soviets in Afghanistan 1979, Iraq invades Kuwait 1990, Sept 11 2001. Those are just the obvious ones. So much for the intel People. Then there is the State Department, infested with known Soviet agents like Alger Hiss during the Roosevelt Regime.