Monday, June 10, 2019


I moved out to the west coast to join a Destroyer and took along an adjunct little brother because, told to. So I did and we shared rooms together in Hillcrest, a neighborhood of San Diego. Yes, we were two lone guys living together in one of the gayest neighborhoods outside the Castro. Boy did we fit in.

I was on the ship in the header in the Persian Gulf when I got this confused letter from my brother explaining as how he tried to write an insurance claim on my account in pencil with USAA because he suffered the loss of his hasselblad camera which he stupidly left in the front seat of the car one night when he drove home in my car and carefully obscured the camera with his leather coat before he got out of the car and went inside for the night, like a complete idiot.

He got a lot smarter later on in life.

At any rate, this reminded me of his idiocy. Srsly, who does this? It shrieks STEAL ME!!!!!

OTGH, if you're not paying the insurance, what do you care when they do a smash and grab on your brother's car?


Brig said...

I learned my lesson several years ago, when on the way home from a college night class, I parked right in front of the pharmacy. Threw a blanket over my briefcase and ran inside. Two minutes later emerged to find my binder full of class notes and two expensive text books gone. One is never too old to be stupid it seems...

HMS Defiant said...

I spent a number of hours going to the local CVS pharmacy here for to pick up some serious serious pain meds. Not for me. But I remember getting out of the car and sometimes getting into it with the smash and grab artists right there in the parking lot. It was kind of nice to know that there was nothing visible in the car that would appeal to 15 year old thief. There's never a hint of anything stealable in the car if I have anything to do with it. Did I mention I lived in the Bay Area for 5 years? I never ever drove to the City or even Oakland with anything in the cars or the bus that looked like loot.
OTOH, you should have seen my station wagon back when I was an Ensign. It had everything I owned in it for some time. Of course, it was mostly parked in Newport, RI, VA Beach and for a brief time, Seattle.