Thursday, June 6, 2019


Flyover state, aint it?


  1. Don't forget that OPERATION FORAGER, the liberation of Guam, and the taking of the Marianas was going on at the same time. The 5th Fleet left Pearl on June 5th, to carry out an assault halfway across the Pacific. This led to the Great marianas Turkey Shoot, which cost us 156 planes, and the Japanese 650 planes, 3 Fleet carriers, 2 oilers, and 650 planes.

    1. As discussed with mom and little sister, I forget. They share a thing. They remember. There were huge things happening alongside this day. We fought two entirely different wars for four years. I've put up some movies of late and maybe I'll put up the family ones from before the war when all the men wore uniforms and their ladies were lovely and it was long before #metoo.

  2. Because, 74 years ago is why I am here today at 70.